About me

Welcome to my web page. I created this site to share one of my greatest passions - my love for photography. I specialize in portrait, family, wedding and other and events photography.

Irina Danilova

For me, the world of photography is a world of magic. I started making black and white pictures with the simplest possible camera when I was a child. Most of the time they were randomly taken shots of trees and flowers, and occasionally of friends who happened to be nearby. During the last three years, I found myself restlessly searching for ways to capture and reveal people's essence. I'm trying to catch them being silly or smiling, pretending to be someone or just being themselves. It turned out to be a very hard, but extremely rewarding way to explore the fascinating universe of a human soul.
(Photography on the right is a courtesy of Tatiana Garanina.)

Below are some quotes from people I worked with on different shoots:

My photo sessions with Irina are always fun and productive. Irina is patient, pleasant and a real pro. Her photos are my 'go to' source for social networks' albums.

Helena Baitman, Sharon, MA

Irina did a wonderful job photographing the opening night of Porgy and Bess for me and my family at the A.R.T. in Cambridge. You can see the photos at and She is pleasant to spend time with and non-invasive but made sure we got the good moments on film even when I kept running off to various ends of the room."

Francesca Gershwin, Los Angeles, CA

With her calm appearance Irina is very passionate when it comes to photography. She made it very easy and enjoyable for my hard-to-please teenage son. His entire Senior portraits photo shoot was fun, playful and very comfortable. I think that Irina's down-to-earth vibe was a huge factor and the result was absolutely amazing! Somehow she gets your personality and shows it in an array of many interesting angles. Furthermore, most remarkably, she can even see and show something that you are yet to find about yourself. Overall we experienced the perfect blend of professionalism and magic of photography.

Irina Vilenchik, Boston

Irina did a great job capturing our Band's ( live performance. Even though the lighting conditions were not great on the stage I was surprised by the one moment where the music seemed to take full control of our being. Irina has the eye of a true artist, the technical skill of a veteran photographer and the professionalism of a business woman.

Georges El Bacha, Boston

Irina is a perfect professional in the Art of photography. She brings out hidden details of people's souls. She feels differently. She sees the world through another lens. She gives people a rare opportunity of enjoying the way they look. She loves the life, she loves to love, and you can see that through her pictures. All my favorite profile pictures were taken by her professional and truly talented hands. She is modest, she is the best.

Tatyana Rodos, NYC